Corporation tax compliance & reporting

We prepare computations using a dedicated corporation tax application so there is no need for you to pay a separate licence fee for tax software.  After obtaining your approval, we can submit your tax return electronically to HMRC on your behalf and obtain immediate acknowledgement of receipt.

Any claims and elections must be made within the relevant statutory time limits in order to be valid.

Tax disclosures in the financial statements and other financial reporting outputs may need to be prepared within a short period of time after the relevant period end date in order to meet reporting deadlines, before full analysis of the accounting data has been carried out.  Any simplified approach to current and deferred tax calculations (e.g. a spreadsheet tool) must be materially accurate to avoid audit and other issues from arising.  Assumptions made should be clearly documented and justified.    We can help you to plan your next period end tax reporting cycle to minimise the risk of unexpected tax issues arising during the process.

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